Debt Settlement

Reduce Your Debts and Achieve Financial Freedom

Debt Settlement Can Help You Achieve Financial Stability If You:

  • Have overwhelming monthly credit card and loan repayments
  • Want to get back on financial track
  • Cannot afford to pay what you owe
  • Have unexpected medical bills
  • Want financial freedom
  • Need a fresh start

How It Works

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See how much money and time you can save by speaking with one of our debt relief specialists.

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Resolve your enrolled debts in 12-48 months through our debt settlement program.

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Get your financial freedom back and begin a new future.

What is Debt Settlement ?

Debt Settlement is a debt reduction program that works by the client setting aside a set amount of money each month.  The amount you save each month is determined during your consultation and is based on the total amount of debt you enroll.  As your savings builds, your creditors and/or collectors are worked with to reach agreeable settlements on each of your accounts.  This process repeats until you are debt free at a reduced amount.

Some examples of financial circumstances where it may be good to consider debt settlement are:

  • Struggling to make minimum payments
  • Unexpected medical expenses
  • Behind on your minimum payments
  • Job loss
  • Considering filing for bankruptcy
  • You do not have the money to pay what you owe.

Debt settlement works in 3 phases:


Phase 1

Speak with a debt expert to make sure it makes sense for you to enroll into a debt settlement program. There also may be certain debts that may not qualify to be enrolled into the program.
Every situation is different, so find out which debts you can qualify to enroll into the program by speaking with your debt expert.

Phase Two

If your debts qualify to be enrolled into a debt settlement program. Then you simply set aside a certain amount of funds each month into a dedicated savings account. Attorney or Certified Debt Negotiators will use those funds to negotiate down your debts with your creditors on your behalf.

Phase Three

Once your creditors and our negotiators reach a settlement offer that you agree to, you will simply pay the settlement offer amount and you have officially resolved that debt.

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How does your program work?

Following enrollment you set-aside and save a fixed amount of money each month. The amount you save each month is determined during your initial consultation and is based on the total amount of debt you enroll. As your savings builds, we work with your creditors and collectors to reach agreeable settlements on each of your accounts. Once a creditor settlement has been negotiated you will be contacted to authorize it prior to payment. This process repeats until you are debt free!

Who qualifies for the program?

The program is designed for anyone in financial hardship who is falling behind or having problems making minimum payments to creditors on their unsecured debts. You must have a minimum of $10,000 in total unsecured debt and a minimum of $500 of unsecured debt with each individual creditor.

How long does the program take?

The average time it takes for each client is 24 48 months; however, it really depends on your ability to save the funds that will satisfy the amount of your settled debts. The program length is an estimate and not a guaranteed time frame.

Are the service fees paid up front?

No! We work through your accounts one by one until they are all settled, collecting our fee as they go. As a general principle we don’t collect any fees until an account has been settled.

Do I have to include all my accounts in the settlement program?

We advise enrolling all qualifying unsecured debt accounts into the program. If you leave an active credit card outside of the program it will be more difficult to negotiate with your creditors.

Will I be totally debt free after the program?

We will do our best to negotiate satisfactory settlements on every account that is enrolled in our program. Unfortunately, our program does not have any effect on debts that remain unenrolled. The most important advice we can give our clients is to adhere to the program payment plan and work towards an on-time graduation.

What types of debt can be enrolled in the program?

Alleviate Financial debt settlement programs can enroll most credit cards, store cards, medical bills, and other unsecured debts. We cannot assist with collateralized debts such as mortgages, debt held at federal credit unions, and federal student loans.

Do you make m monthly payments to my creditors?

No, we do not make monthly payments to your creditors. The purpose of the debt resolution program is to negotiate down the balance of your debts.

Do I have keep paying my creditors?

It is our understanding that you have enrolled in this program because you are in financial hardship and are unable to make payments to your creditors. If you are able to pay your creditors every month, then it is in your best interest to do so and this program may not be the right program for you.

Can you stop my creditors from calling me?

Receiving calls is normal when you are in hardship and behind on your payments. It would happen whether you are on the program or not. A creditor has a right to call you to collect payment, and there is no way for anyone to make the calls stop completely. However, we provide all our clients with information in our Welcome Package which will help in dealing with collector calls.

Are there rules regarding creditor contact?

All collectors must abide by the FDCPA guidelines. These are rules put in place to make sure you are not being harassed. If you feel this is happening, make sure to call our account manager team. If we determine collectors are violating collection law, we can transfer you to one of our partner attorneys who specializes in debtor’s rights.

What do I say if a creditor or collector calls?

Since you are in true hardship and cannot afford to pay your creditors, the best thing to do is to inform them that you wish for them to send all communications to you in writing. There is no law that says you have to talk with your creditors. The main thing you should do if you are being bothered by a collector is call our account manager team and they will explain the best way to handle the calls.

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