What Our Clients Are Saying

I am very please with United Debt Relief , I have never been so well attended, very professional, gave me all the options and I finally feel that I´m going to live a normal life with good credit thanks to Nick Avila.

Peter Solis

Very informative & honest business. Educate yourself & call United Debt Relief to help you get out of debt. Take control of your financial life!


Nick Avila was was professional, kind, and courteous. He answered any questions that I had and helped put my mind to ease, regarding being able to get me, and my husband out the unsecured debit that we have. I would definitely recommend him to other people that are needing to do this.

Shawn Crisp

Nick Avila was very professional and knowledgeable about finances and debt relief.

Lana Petteway

I can’t describe how happy I am And Excited to be Debt free in a short period of time thanks to Nick and his team! After all this time we finally made the decision of making a change in our life’s for the better and looking forward to a bright future, even though my credit will be low for couple of years but if it means for a fresh start I’m grateful to have found United Debt Relief.

Stephanie Solid

Thank you so much for helping me reach financial freedom and showing me the right way to do so. Any one who is thinking of getting themselves out of debt, United Debt Relief is best way to go. The company is legit! You'll regret not calling. Start saving money now!

Socorro Rocha

Nick Avila was very instrumental in the recovery of misuse of funds by a former business. He was professional and walked me through each step keeping me informed throughout the process. Thank you Nick for your support and dedication during this process.

Leonard Delacoudray

Nick and his associates helped my Dad out last year, his professionalism and ability to answer all of my fathers questions left us impressed. For the average individual having someone to navigate you through this process is critical, he was there every step of the way. I fully endorse and recommend Nick Avila, he's genuinely the best out there, Thank you Nick for your assistance.

Israel Alarid

Nick Avila was the person who helped me get on board with your company. He was especially helpful and reassuring as I have been hesitant to get on any debt consolidation programs available, until speaking with MrAvaila. He crunched the numbers and explained as we went along which was so reassuring. I now feel confident that this is right company for me.

Lana Israel

My experience was great, I was very happy that Nick explained to me in detail what my options were. He opened up the door to debt relief. He mentioned the charges that were expected up front. I asked him so many questions, one of which was how does this work out for the banks, which he explained to me, he was really knowledgeable.

Jason Moghadassi

If you want to get out of debt this is the place to go to ! Nick was very helpful ,very quick to the point but also very explanatory ! Don't waist your time else where , Untied Debt Relief is it!

Brenda Sanchez

The people were terrific and everyone I talk has clear knowledge and understanding of their job . They able to answer all your question.

Yvonne Saunders